2016 Bachelor Final Project

Kocaeli University Architecture Faculty

Urban Hub in Kocaeli





''Urban HUB''

This public place is located at the heart of Kocaeli of City.The purpose of this project is to grant a second life to this strategic site and create a gathering place for passersby.And creating new spatial possibilities for facilitating and encouraging cultural events and gatherings on this previously underutilized site.The complex is planned with two basic entrances; pedestrian zones and a secondary rearentry for pedestrians.

The project area is located in city of Izmıt-Kocaelı. facing the arterial roads, and the surrounding is bustling and noisy, which is the irregular corner land along the street.

Proje tasarlanırken kentin bugüne kadarki geçmisi ve bugüne kadar yapılan yapı formları ele alındı.


In addition, the adjustable roofslookslike going up and down, it like the same neighbor house. When designed,according to 3 basic term about Izmıt. These are: Industry,Transportation and Coast of Izmıt.

Projects forms are formed,inspired by Industrial buildings,architecture typolo gy of Izmıt and sılhouette of Izmıt.In addition,identified 4 type about architectu- re form for the project.And added a new bridge form.

The simplicity and fluence in the surface geometry, encourage the user  to experience a more direct relationship. Natural, independent, ingenuous and in- clusive; both of the designs serve as genuine 'counter-spaces' in Lefebvre's terms.

The numerous storey-high folding shutters, which constitute the facade's outermost layer, and the sliding-glass doors behind them allow the building to be used flexibly.The new recreational areas at Izmıt pier are intended both for the new inhabitants on the pier as well as for the city as a whole.

This space is the heart of this project; an area for intimate, social and flexible  meetings amongst the vegetation, which filters all views, giving more privacy to  the urban hub.These terraces are the quietest areas of the whole space; ideal  for being outdoors, reading, resting or hosting small parties or meetings. 

The main structure is a framework of black, steel columns and stringers. It stands like an ıcon at the hill top.The railings are made of black ındustrial which give a nice contrast to the structure and soften the appearance.Putting innovation on display is a central aim of the design. Layers of full-glass walls create feelings of openness and a vibrant buzz of activity.Created a block which made from combination of structural steels, glasses that make a sense of minimalism. 

The design style of the interior space is simple, elegant and soft; it shows respect for nature and gives people a feeling of cutting off from the noisy city and returning back to real tranquility and peace. The plain wall is mainly made of soft materials such as black steel, slate and glass etc. and without excess decoration. It reflects the essence of space and materials and presents a spa- ce where nature coexists with human. 

 Also as entresol metal structure and stairs, as this gives more graphic look. Lamps, power  sockets, switches and other small elements were selected in black color too. Some aged wood  texture is used on bar unit facades to give more vibrant feel and vitality. 

Crossing the bridges between the project masses buildings,to  provide new space and confrontations.With the bridges,passerbys can use according to ob servation terraces these areas.And facilitating contact to sea.The complex con sists of 2 parts:one basic buildings and other bridges.



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